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Permanent links to your on-line GPS data

In the past, if you wanted to save a Google Map created with GPS Visualizer, you had to upload the HTML file to your Web site, which can be a bit of a hassle. But thanks to a feature called The Atlas, GPS Visualizer will host a map for you; all you have to do is save the appropriate link, which you can post in your blog, share with your friends, etc.

Of course, you still need to store the data on-line somewhere so that the GPS Visualizer map can access it. But even if you don't have your own Web site, there are a few possible solutions:

  • You can store any kind of files, including GPX, in a free 000webhost account. Similar free hosting services should also work.
  • With a Google Sites account, you can store raw data files using the "File Cabinet" upload template.
  • If your data is stored in "My Maps" at, just give The Atlas the URL of your map (via the "Link" link in Google Maps), and GPS Visualizer will know what to do with it.

To try it out, simply paste the URL of an on-line GPS file into the form below. The file can in be any format that can be read by GPS Visualizer; .gpx, .kml, .kmz, .tcx, plain text (.csv), Google Maps, Google Spreadsheets, and many others are supported.

Send a file to The Atlas

Enter the URL of a GPS data file here:

Then just bookmark the URL of the following page, or click the "Link to this view" link in the map for embedding code.
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